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  1. Agree with @BrettLee_58 on this. Part time coach for match tactics and general advice, bowlers encouraged to work w

  2. @BrettLee_58 Agree! Ridiculous amount of support staff full time. And yes @gilly381 where are the wicket keeping coaches?!?t

  3. @BrettLee_58 asking some tough questions about coaching staff. Lehmann looking awkward turtle. #BBL08t

  4. @BrettLee_58 could not agree more with bowling coach being part time. Over coached.t

  5. @BrettLee_58 @KKRiders Thanks Bing! Ill lock you in for a thousand cold ones when we see each other next. Respect brothert

  6. @BrettLee_58 still so fit after so many yearsBinga. How do you keep so fit?t

  7. @ShaneWarne in fine form tonight. @gilly381 @BrettLee_58 @FOXCricketLive what a crack up loving it boyst

  8. @FoxCricket Im enjoying the stories and banter between @BrettLee_58 @gilly381 and @ShaneWarne in tonights @BBL game. On pointt

  9. This is a loose commentary box tonight @FoxCricket . Feels like Im sitting at a pub with @ShaneWarne @BrettLee_58 a

  10. Whoever let @gilly381 @ShaneWarne @BrettLee_58 loose in the commentary box I love it #BBL08t

  11. @RoySymonds63 @BrettLee_58 should the batsmen be asking Jofra Archer to take that sleeve off his arm while bowling? #BBL08 #foxcrickett

  12. @BrettLee_58 bowls Marvan Atapattu with a 99.5mph delivery

  13. Found this in my old bedroom . Vintage from @BrettLee_58

  14. .@BrettLee_58 talking about posterior ankle impingement in the test, really interesting because its the *exact* sam

  15. @BrettLee_58 has always been an amazing commentator for @FoxCricket for the @BBL t

  16. @BBL @BrettLee_58 The Tony Romo of cricket. Great commentary!!t

  17. "Now I'd like him to try and bowl a yorker"@BrettLee_58 predicted this Matt Kelly delivery. But he didn't keep Sa

  18. @FoxCricket credit has to go to @BrettLee_58 who always, without fault, says "boys and girls" out there when explain things #BBL08t

  19. Definitely @BrettLee_58 , one of my biggest idols growing up. Imitated him endlessly in the garden

  20. "How has he hit that for six?!?!"We have no idea, @BrettLee_58 . None at all

  21. | Ladies and gentlemen, presenting @Tim_Cahill 's new strike partner, @BrettLee_58 ! That jersey looks good on

  22. Brilliant commentary plus interview of @ScottMorrisonMP by @gilly381 and @BrettLee_58 . Some hilarious footage of J

  23. Night made! My first love @BrettLee_58

  24. Congratulations @nswpssa1 Girls and Boys Cricket teams being presented with their medals by @BrettLee_58 at the SCG

  25. Managed to take pics with legends of the game, @BrettLee_58 and Glenn McGrath at the @scg .

  26. Day 1 @scg and my family gets to click a pic with the legend @BrettLee_58 and our fav Aus cricketer. @yegneshiyer i

  27. .@BrettLee_58 is in the commentary box explaining bowling techniques. Watch LIVE on Fox Cricket & join our ma

  28. @BrettLee_58 Yours was the easiest action to identify in this montage. Half a decade into youre retirement, Im st

  29. Love hearing @BrettLee_58 @gilly381 @RoySymonds63 calling the cricket! A fresh change from the @Channel9 team! Wel

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