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Activity: Singer, Musician

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  1. #HappyFathersDay@springsteen

  2. The men who populate Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars" have sought freedom and know its edges in an unfree world.

  3. Bruce Springsteen looks west, with strings and sorrows. His new album is a Critic's Pick.

  4. On the hauntingly brilliant solo album 'Western Stars,' Bruce @Springsteen goes to the American West, and the roman

  5. In a career spanning five decades, Springsteen has lent a credible voice to many activist causes, but one topic tha

  6. Bruce @springsteen has often used the ballad to tell the story of a troubled character. On 'Western Stars,' by hono

  7. Bruce Springsteen reclaims the album as his primary art form on new record Western Stars:

  8. Bruce Springsteen: Western Stars review | Alexis Petridis's album of the week

  9. Western Stars is the best and most radical @springsteen album in years (via @IrishTimesCultr )

  10. Bruce Springsteen is a solitary searcher forever on the road

  11. Watch Bruce Springsteens new video for Tucson Train

  12. Bruce Springsteen sets out for wide open territory on Western Stars. Read our review

  13. "Tucson Train," the latest single from Bruce @springsteen 's forthcoming record 'Western Stars,' is a nostalgic port

  14. For anyone who has ever wanted to dream, youre not alone. Inspired by the legendary music of #BruceSpringsteen, co

  15. Jersey's own. #HelloSunshine is the first track off @springsteen s latest album #WesternStars.

  16. "Immortalize me, please!" The artistic stylings of @springsteen , paying tribute to @Danny_Clinch for @kacfund

  17. What's your favorite @springsteen record? @DannyDeVito shares his and more during a special guest DJ session on E S

  18. #OnThisDay March 31, 1992: Bruce @springsteen releases his ninth and tenth albums Human Touch and Lucky Town

  19. How was Bruce Springsteen's hit "Born in the U.S.A." so widely misunderstood? It took time for @springsteen himself

  20. Baby we were born to solve! #YoureOnWheel, @springsteen ! #WheelOfFortune

  21. It's a tough task but we're asking anyway: What are your top five favorite party songs by Bruce @springsteen ? Vote

  22. #OnThisDay January 27, 2009: Bruce @springsteen releases his sixteenth studio album, Working On A Dream.

  23. Monmouth University and the @springsteen Archives and Center for American Music will hold a free, public screening

  24. Four decades ago, @Springsteen played two Musicians United for Safe Energy shows at @TheGarden , with bits released

  25. Photos: Spring Street Subway Station Gets Makeshift Bruce @Springsteen Tribute

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