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  2. @CodySimpson i bought these a few months ago on wish for like $2 its not expensive to help save the environment

  3. @CodySimpson i'm not using plastic straws anymoret

  4. @CodySimpson Recycling and picking up trash I can't stand to look at trash where it don't belong if you know what I mean.t

  5. @CodySimpson Using less plastic and making sure I take a reusable carrier bag everywhere, so less gets into the oce

  6. @CodySimpson this ep is a masterpiece @codyandthetide

  7. @CodySimpson I love this one sooooo much!

  8. @CodySimpson i think i found love is a BOPPPPPPt

  9. Stop bringing out so many bangers !! So proud of you mate. @CodySimpson

  10. @CodySimpson @codyandthetide I love the ept

  11. I think I found love in your new tracks @CodySimpson @codyandthetidet

  12. I wanna dance Into The Flow with you @CodySimpson favorite song off B-Sides.t

  13. @CodySimpson @codyandthetide Everything You Need is by far my favorite song!!!

  14. @CodySimpson @codyandthetide done did it again with these new B-sides Im in love with all of themt

  15. Love this EP @CodySimpson

  16. you really did it again @CodySimpson Im actually speechless,, these might be my favorite b sides???

  17. @CodySimpson and @codyandthetide every day that passes you are doing better and better globally we love to hear all

  18. imagine not harassing your friends about cody i have texted at least 40 people about the B Sides LMAO @CodySimpson yOUR IMPACTt

  19. issa certified bop @CodySimpson

  20. I dont think @CodySimpson is capable of writing/releasing a bad song, everything hes put out is greatt

  21. My god Cant let this beautiful song stop playing on repeat Im so in love with this @CodySimpson

  22. @CodySimpson I f*cking love all of them...t

  23. @CodySimpson wow this is a bop. #ithinkifoundlove

  24. cannot wait for these 4 new tracks @CodySimpson t

  25. 18 minutes !!!!!! @CodySimpson t

  26. 5 minutes until 4 new tracks @CodySimpson ????!!!!t

  27. @CodySimpson @codyandthetide I'm already buying tickets

  28. @CodySimpson @codyandthetide OMGIm looking forward to you coming to japant

  29. I had the greatest time last night. Thanks for a great show :) @CodySimpson @codyandthetide

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