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  1. So Better Be Mine is now on Spotify and Im truly happy now @CodySimpson t

  2. codys stans have been fed, thank you @CodySimpson

  3. when @CodySimpson said I fall in love too easilyI felt thatt

  4. Has anyone listened to it the new album by @CodySimpson ??? Its absolutely gorgeoust

  5. Listening to @CodySimpson gives me a summer moooodt

  6. @CodySimpson I got my whole family on an eco friendly path, my 10 year old brother gets so excited to tell me he di

  7. @CodySimpson I dont and i use a reusable water bottle as wellt

  8. @CodySimpson Bought metal ones for homet

  9. I listened to @CodySimpson s B-sides album for the first time last night and it literally made me cry its that goodt

  10. you killed it on that stage i couldn't be even more proud but how about coming to New Jersey and killing it over here??? @CodySimpsont

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