Citizenship:United States
Activity: Recording artist, Musician

Davido Olas

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  1. LAGOS!!! Lets come out with our PVCs tomorrow and come stand with @iam_Davido and friends to defend our votes!! C https://t.co/HgnDEfpKhxt

  2. . @iam_Davido live at the #PDPRiversRally#DefendYourVote #BetterNigeria #BetterWithAtiku #AtikuObi https://t.co/dCH0NAVulpt

  3. #1 song in the US #Fall by @iam_Davido https://t.co/1rpKWfbL8Pt

  4. Okurrrrr! Big up @iam_Davido well done son!t

  5. @iam_Davido Is the #African Hero he sold out @The02 with no doutt

  6. @iam_Davido King David https://t.co/pWYlfhQenat

  7. @iam_Davido Congratulations David, we love you from this sidet

  8. @iam_Davido is a legend.t

  9. The @iam_Davido concert was amazingt

  10. 02 Area Sold Out Shellings @iam_Davido https://t.co/8MgAFO0zWnt

  11. See yh @iam_Davido and dem #30BG knows this show biz abeg!!! https://t.co/SFE8GEm4rGt

  12. History man @iam_Davido https://t.co/ff03AdQFgpt

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