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  1. These beautiful creatures... @deanjnorris @karrueche @thejennlyon @ClawsTNT https://t.co/Karch7tWhit

  2. If youre gonna watch anyones YouTube channel, it should be @karrueche st

  3. I made @karrueche shrimp taco taco recipe today and omg I loved it!!t

  4. Im obsessed with this collection so it deserves a short clip of all the lipstick shades. @karrueche X https://t.co/K6plywQGnOt

  5. Cannot wait for those shrimp tacos recipe from @karrueche and @KylieJenner that Im about to make right nowt

  6. When your @ColourPopCo order finally comes in @karrueche did her thanggggg https://t.co/ZWDEnimgKat

  7. A look using @ColourPopCo SHE and the Zodiac palettes @KathleenLights1 @karrueche https://t.co/tkciqF5dcet

  8. All my real industry friends that I pull up on names start with a K @karrueche @Kehlani @KekePalmer and https://t.co/U0JZ0Iywart

  9. Different but the same: @karrueche https://t.co/qQDsl8Drzzt

  10. Model sparkletatiana wearing the @karrueche x colourpop #BROWNSUGARBAE collection. If you havent gotten your colle https://t.co/GowoRUlT2xt

  11. SO HAPPY to be apart of the #BrownSugarBae campaign from ColourPop x Karrueche! - Im wearing the shade brick https://t.co/X9xPMaKZ4Ut

  12. My @ColourPopCo x @karrueche Brown Sugar Collection tutorial is upppppp and LORD is it gorgeous on brown skin!!! https://t.co/djDJwZsG55t

  13. Girls need to be reminded that you can come as you are. You don't have to change. - @karrueche https://t.co/Rsl485vHoGt

  14. @colourpop x @karrueche Brown Sugar Video is up! One of my faves! #colourpophttps://t.co/sqZ6KrsJi6 https://t.co/geBy9lnN8Dt

  15. @ColourPopCo creme lipsticks from @karrueche collaboration. Love this Brown sugar collection. Its is very unique a https://t.co/hRts0cSV7It

  16. @karrueche x @ColourPopCo #BrownSugar Palette with Lip Liner in Chi and Crem Lux Lipstick in Butter https://t.co/dTC8aRzXFct

  17. I'm so excited to finally be able to share my full thoughts on the new @ColourPopCo X @karrueche Brown Sugar Collec https://t.co/Dp0ddTnbdJt

  18. .@karrueche and @TeamVic are our modern day Chuck and Blair on a very fashion-forward Upper East Side excursion, sh https://t.co/bLh0iHwFW4t

  19. I uploaded my review of the @karrueche x @ColourPopCo Brown Sugar Collection! https://t.co/SQ3va9MxC4t

  20. Going to do my makeup today, using @karrueche brown sugar palette, Im beyond excited to try it. I love her so mucht

  21. Brown Sugar Baby I used the entire Brown Sugar collection from @karrueche x @ColourPopCo and Im in LOVE https://t.co/WvLxHnb2k5t

  22. Ultra glossy blowzy used on my lips and eyelids#BROWNSUGARBAE#KarruechexColourpop @ColourPopCo @karrueche https://t.co/DIejpekYtlt

  23. Im so in love with this palette already. @ColourPopCo @karrueche https://t.co/jPB6TEwjO5t

  24. YAY You voted and @ColourPopCo X @karrueche Brown Sugar collection WON I'm so excited because you all know I LIVE https://t.co/DftVmzyJLSt

  25. I got my @ColourPopCo X @karrueche Brick lipstick and Stew eyeliner in the mail I cant wait to try them on! https://t.co/RfEreTGDj8t

  26. A look @HerreraLola did with the new Brown Sugar @ColourPopCo x @karrueche palette. (Can you believe my skin isnt https://t.co/yr0kK9qioyt

  27. Man oh man the @karrueche Brown Sugar "Rum" cream gel colour is EVERYTHING!! Super long lasting AND the color!!! #ImInLovet

  28. New video!! @ColourPopCo x @karrueche brown sugar collection review!! Check it out! https://t.co/tlkCMlRn9P https://t.co/uCxzkWfJ28t

  29. Honestly why am I not modeling cosmetics??? Shout out to @karrueche x @ColourPopCo for this full #brownsugarbae bea https://t.co/PF3SFqSWpDt

  30. Every since I got my brown sugar I done did my make up everyday, I loved kaepop and I loved femrosa but brown sugar is that one @karruechet

  31. Go get you some #Brownsugar from @karrueche s new @ColourPopCo line! https://t.co/dxcRxvC8YXt

  32. @karrueche brown sugar collection represents woman empowerment. That's why I love her. And the colors thooooot

  33. I love this lipstick called, Chocolatier, from @karrueche s Brown Sugar line from @ColourPopCo I cant wait to wear it.t

  34. Whos seen the film @neverheardmovie starring @actorbrianwhite @karrueche @davidbanner @romeomiller @jackielong dir https://t.co/m0IqEkxEr3t

  35. Cinnamon is such a pretty color @karrueche x @ColourPopCo https://t.co/uoyINDBXEMt

  36. Sooo shoutout to the @ColourPopCo x @karrueche drop that just supplied me with my holiday makeupt

  37. Im obsessed with @karrueche brown sugar line! Brick, cinnamon and Blowzy are to dieeee fooorrrr https://t.co/5bWG4uJdpOt

  38. .@karrueche is in The Neighborhood this morning! Keep us locked @real923la https://t.co/150ZivbGDnt

  39. Filmed the new @karrueche x @ColourPopCo collection today so you know tomorrows video is going to be poppin https://t.co/7kSXGsG3qXt

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