Kendall Jenner
Citizenship:United States
Activity: TV Personality, Model

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  1. .@KendallJenner has had a change of approach when it comes to festival style

  2. Do like @KendallJenner does, and come by the #MYCALVINS HOUSE #COACHELLA from 12-8pm between Gobi and Mojave

  3. Okay. @KendallJenner did not come to play this Oscar after party season. Wow. #VanityFairOscarParty #Oscars

  4. A hilarious new #CarpoolKaraoke with BFFs @HaileyBaldwin and @KendallJenner is available RIGHT NOW in your @appletv

  5. For Halloween, @KendallJenner dressed up as a Fembot from Austin Powersand transformed into a big-haired blonde bo

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