Kendall Schmidt
Citizenship:United States
Activity: Music Producer, Actor/Actress, Singer

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  1. Lots of good things are coming! @HeffronDrive #Z100JingleBall

  2. We're loving @HeffronDrive ! #Z100JingleBall

  3. @HeffronDrive is warming it up in here with their performance of Hot Summer at the #Z100JingleBall @pepsi All Ac

  4. Come home to us @HeffronDrive #Z100JingleBall

  5. All aboard the party train to #iHeartJingleBall! @HeffronDrive @capitalone

  6. THIS WEEKEND! MASSIVE REQUEST @HeffronDrive @dbeltwrites 'Black On Black' & @1LoganHenderson 's 'Pull Me Deep' on AL

  7. Macy's @iHeartRadio Rising Star winners @HeffronDrive seriously rocked hard on our #KIISJingleBall Village presente

  8. How awesome was @HeffronDrive on our #KIISJingleBall Village stage?#LosAngeles @Instax #HeffronDrive

  9. @HeffronDrive #KIISJingleBall @Instax (Pic: @1Wes_Alex )

  10. That feeling when #KIISJingleBall is about to start! @HeffronDrive | @CapitalOne

  11. 2018 Macy's @iHeartRadio Rising Star winners @HeffronDrive will be at our FREE #KIISJingleBall Village!Who's comi

  12. . @moderatto comparti el escenario con @HeffronDrive en el #AuditorioNacional.

  13. This week weve got @HeffronDrive as YOUR Nick Radio Guest DJs!! Catch them all week long with the @iheartradio a

  14. @jamesmaslow ICONIC interview with @HeffronDrive I need a duet

  15. Cant believe its almost been one week since @dbeltwrites and Kendall Schmidt of @HeffronDrive were heading to Las

  16. So proud of our Rising Star winners, @dbeltwrites and Kendall Schmidt of @HeffronDrive , for their stellar performan

  17. Oh no! @JoJoWright lost the other half of @HeffronDrive #iHeartDayStage @TMobile

  18. Our @Macys Rising Star Winners, @HeffronDrive kicked off the #iHeartFestival! Pretty good high energy chaps. Wat

  19. So proud of our boys @HeffronDrive !Did you love their @Macys #iHeartRadio Rising Star performance?

  20. We see you @HeffronDrive !

  21. AHH! @HeffronDrive just welcomed @Badflower to the #iHeartDayStage

  22. We loved that @HeffronDrive introduced #Badflower. They killed it last night! #iHeartDayStage

  23. Who else could just sit here and stare at @HeffronDrive all day long #iHeartDayStage

  24. Did y'all catch that #iHeartDayStage #BigTimeRush reunion with @jamesmaslow + @HeffronDrive ? @1LoganHenderson +

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