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Citizenship:United States
Activity: TV Personality, Model

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  1. @KylieJenner But why this girl makes me die for this gorgeous collection.

  2. Why did @KylieJenner have to realise such a bomb birthday collection, ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW AND I WANT IT NOW, T

  3. I dont think a @kyliecosmetics launch from @KylieJenner has ever spoken to me more just from the packaging alone t

  4. @KylieJenner Your collections keep getting better and bettert

  5. One In A Billion High Gloss is @KylieJenner @kyliecosmeticst

  6. @KylieJenner omg this gloss is so pretty!! @kyliecosmetics

  7. @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics your packaging is always next level

  8. @KylieJenner is a marketing GODDESS ConceptPackagingProduct quality is alwayst

  9. @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics this is the best makeup collection concept ive ever seen perfect

  10. @mollydale27 @kylieskin @KylieJenner i just bought her setting powder the other day, and it is LIFE changing. let m

  11. @KylieJenner is unreal.. her @kylieskin has worked wonders for me so far and Im obsessed with all of her

  12. me refreshing instagram waiting for @KylieJenner to reveal her birthday collection @kyliecosmetics

  13. ok @KylieJenner did her thing with this body lotion @kylieskint

  14. My coworkers love my @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics Klear & Crystal glosses they ordered themselves a couple of glossest

  15. Okay so I bought @kylieskin and it WORKSSSSS my skin has gone so clear and smooth I love ittt @KylieJenner t

  16. I cant wait for this beautiful pink packaging OMG LIFE!!!! @KylieJenner @kyliecosmetics

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