Kylie Jenner
Citizenship:United States
Activity: TV Personality, Model

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  1. valentine palette is f*cking beautiful KYLIE YOURE THE BEST @KylieJenner

  2. yesssss boss @KylieJenner slaying in MARY JO matte lip kit! Glam by @makeupbyarielT and @cesar4styles

  3. Girllllll you did THAT on your blushes, bronzers, and kylighters!! Cant wait for Friday!! @kyliecosmetics @KylieJenner t

  4. When its 4:30am and @KylieJenner announces that shes bringing out more bronzers skinny dip bronzer is my favou

  5. This chill baby palette is amazing look at that shine and pigment!!! Love @kyliecosmetics @KylieJenner

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