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Citizenship:United States
Activity: Actor/Actress, Singer

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  1. Got My Copy Yesterday @MileyCyrus @ELLEmagazine

  2. my @MileyCyrus merch finally came KSKSKSKS i can not deal i LOVE IT im obsessed ugh SHE IS COMING

  3. guess what came on my birthday!!!! @MileyCyrus @MileyOfficial #SheIsComing

  4. I just received @MileyCyrus s merch I cant wait to receive the hoodie as well!! I fucking love it!! #SHEISCOMING

  5. Dont fuck with my freedom @MileyCyrus @MileyOfficial

  6. IM HAPPY HAPPY THANK SMMMM AAA @MileyOfficial @MileyCyrus

  7. must be something in the water or that Im my mothers daughter @MileyCyrus

  8. 1-833-SHE-ISMC#SHEISCOMING @MileyCyrus

  9. Theres no such thing as normal. Be you. ALL of you. Thanks @MileyCyrus for inspiring us to be ourselves #NP

  10. | Alex Morgan from the US womens soccer team listens to Mothers Daughter by @MileyCyrus before a game

  11. Mothers Daughter by @MileyCyrus get played at least 3 times in one shift and Im really not mad about it.t

  12. Mood : Mother's daughter on repeat @MileyCyrus #MothersDaughtert

  13. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. @KatieRadio1 is playing the new @MileyCyrus #MothersDaughter just before 1pm on @933FLZ !!!! -

  14. Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter (Official Video) via @YouTube . @MileyCyrus I FUCKING LOVE THIS !!!!t

  15. @MileyCyrus 1. reminding myself of everything ive conquered thus far 2. my partner whos always telling me how strong i am 3. writingt

  16. @MileyCyrus 1. Facing anxiety and not trying to run from it. 2. Martial Arts3. Helping otherst

  17. @MileyCyrus creating art and spreading positivity

  18. @MileyCyrus 1. My MOM 2. Seeing how Ive grown and how far Ive come3. Seeing the empowerment in the LGBT communi

  19. @MileyCyrus 1. music 2. friends 3. my grandmothert

  20. @MileyCyrus this music video is legendary


  22. #NewMusicFriday means fresh tracks on the #EltonLoves playlist! Added this week@MileyCyrus - 'Mother's Daughte

  23. I've lost count of how many times I've watched @MileyCyrus ' #MotherDaughterVideo, honestly

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