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  1. Excellent premiere @InnocentOnFOX . Fast paced & interesting. @RachelleLefevre @RileySmith @clare_theperson https://t.co/bIyPEbgZjTt

  2. Sooo that was episode ! of @InnocentOnFOX . Who think lil bro did it? Show of hands? #ProvenInnocent Thanks for the fun @RachelleLefevret

  3. @RachelleLefevre sad it's over went by in the blink of an eye see you next week I'm totally hooked #ProvenInnocentt

  4. @RachelleLefevre Wow! What an ending! Definitely watching next Friday. Thanks for making Friday a good night to wa https://t.co/OlvTMeO9w1t

  5. @nikkimjames @RachelleLefevre Thats whats making this show great! Strong women #ProvenInnocentt

  6. @RileySmith @RachelleLefevre @russellhornsby @nikkimjames We have a winner!! This is such a great show! I like it https://t.co/nGKMkEvKslt

  7. @BillBenevides @Dannystrong @AdamArmus @InnocentOnFOX @RachelleLefevre Incredible performances! #proveninnocentt

  8. Maam, is there an emergency?Not anymore.Madeline Scott is savage!! #ProvenInnocent @InnocentOnFOX @RachelleLefevret

  9. 4 minutes in and I LOVE this show already. #ProvenInnocent @RachelleLefevre t

  10. We will be joining @RachelleLefevre in Live-tweeting @InnocentOnFOX at 9EST/8CST. @russellhornsby @KelseyGrammer A https://t.co/IUbscPIaGtt

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