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  1. @RachelleLefevre @InnocentOnFOX @Dannystrong BRAVO to Danny and the writers! I worked in a gay bar for 20 years and https://t.co/6OpK55z9SRt

  2. This is a winner! Watching @RachelleLefevre take on @KelseyGrammer is addictive! #ProvenInnocent is terrific. https://t.co/tySWhZJgRTt

  3. Doing my best Madeline Scott underneath the one and only @RachelleLefevre Excited for tomorrows all-new episo https://t.co/WyM1tr6BYAt

  4. @InnocentOnFOX @RachelleLefevre is sensational outstanding this show cast superb #ProvenInnocent best ne https://t.co/0VVtgACbMlt

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