Russell Brand
Citizenship:United Kingdom
Activity: Actor/Actress, TV Personality

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  1. Honestly if any of you need good all around life/spiritual advice please follow @rustyrockets cuz he has so much ge

  2. Gotta love @rustyrockets and his talks. Bang on! #NotreDame

  3. Notre Dame & Other Symbols Of Armageddon | Russell Brand via @rustyrocketst

  4. Dont fear the future, because the future doesnt exist @rustyrockets -be here now

  5. #UnderTheSkin is moving to #Luminary 4/23, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome @rustyrockets to our line-up:

  6. Once again @rustyrockets knocks it out of the park with this message that hits so close to home. Very thankful for

  7. .@rustyrockets interviews 'Prof. David Runciman author of "How #Democracy Ends" and host of the "Talking Politics"

  8. Dont miss David on this Saturdays #UnderTheSkin podcast with @rustyrockets - heres a short preview...

  9. What makes a mentor? What does altruism do to brain chemistry?Ideas with exploring further with @rustyrockets

  10. Just LOVE this @rustyrockets Im at the end of a 4 year qualification in counselling and have found that althoug

  11. Loved this episode @rustyrockets

  12. On Saturday 13 April David will be joining @rustyrockets on his podcast #UnderTheSkin to discuss politics, the Chin

  13. I really enjoyed this latest @rustyrockets podcast ... (go do your ears a favour x )

  14. AWWW SNAPS! The new @rustyrockets audiobook on @audible_com just dropped today. Can't wait to listen. And if you ha

  15. Mentors by @rustyrockets explores how we all - consciously and unconsciously - choose guides, mentors and heroes th

  16. @rustyrockets has put this so eloquently and I completely agree with us needing to build stronger communities to be

  17. Thank you @rustyrockets This is a beautiful episode. The one thing that really came through for me was living lif

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