Russell Brand
Citizenship:United Kingdom
Activity: Actor/Actress, TV Personality

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  1. I needed this today, @rustyrockets . Id buy that mug, too.

  2. Witnessing our emotions, rather than being consumed by them.@rustyrockets on MujiMy Favourite Life Lessons - Here

  3. From feminism to capitalism, @rustyrockets covers it all this week with @scarcurtis on #UnderTheSkin. Mark your cal

  4. Love love love this. Everyone should watch this. Also your voice is enough meditation for me lolol. @rustyrockets

  5. @rustyrockets thank you again for your wisdom #meditation is particularly helpful for symptoms of #Menopause. Wh

  6. Will being #woke make a difference?? with more gems #JusttheTrutht

  7. Great to talk with the brilliant @rustyrockets for his podcast #UnderTheSkin which is out today. Give it a listen

  8. Pleasure talking to you @rustyrockets , thanks for having me on #UnderTheSkin

  9. My thoughts are that @rustyrockets is once again spot on.

  10. Can you imagine a child taking care of you? @RossKemp sits down with @rustyrockets to discuss the role young carer

  11. @rustyrockets is right. its a further example of the universe screaming at us to not deal or focus on effects so m

  12. I love listening to Russell Brand @rustyrockets

  13. Don't miss @rustyrockets and @rosskemp try to solve all the world's problems in one afternoon. A new #undertheskin

  14. Unlock your hidden power with @rustyrockets #UnderTheSkinPodcast #GrowthMindset #MensHealth A MUST listen podcast

  15. @rustyrockets & @marwilliamson on Under The Skin.This is a necessary watch for all. If it doesnt connect the 1st

  16. @rustyrockets is my ego's spirit animal.

  17. This is why I love @rustyrockets Hes not interested in squandering his gifts by attempting to squeeze them within

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