Russell Brand
Citizenship:United Kingdom
Activity: Actor/Actress, TV Personality

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  1. @Fearnecotton @rustyrockets totally relate 100% to this brilliant

  2. Russell Brand's @rustyrockets daily reminiscence on life is like a breath of fresh air. Its like having someone ack

  3. I fricken love this! #truths @rustyrockets We have to learn how to cope and survive and flourish in a society where

  4. Loved this @rustyrockets Deeyah has more compassion than I could ever hope for - but I will #theworkisneverdone

  5. Great listening to @rustyrockets #podcast with @bodyposipanda_ this #MondayMorning. Having recently slipped back in

  6. What a story!Take an hour & half out of your day and listen to @johnmcavoy2 tell @rustyrockets about his life.

  7. Never listened to a podcast twice back-to-back before. Astonishing story. @rustyrockets @johnmcavoy2

  8. It was a real joy to sit down with @rustyrockets #UnderTheSkin podcast. Talking all things #PowerOfSport #community

  9. Cannot wait to tune into this tomorrow with @rustyrockets & @johnmcavoy2 ! John is an extraordinary human being. He

  10. Such a great discussion, @rustyrockets @bodyposipanda_ I loved every minute of the podcast. X

  11. Whatever you had plans to do on Saturday make sure you find time for #UnderTheSkin @rustyrockets talking to

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