Sean Astin
Citizenship:United States
Activity: Actor/Actress, Film Maker

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  1. @SeanAstin s #edtompson is my spirit animal. His thoughts are totally mine as a parent! #NoGoodNickt

  2. Watching no good Nick awesome show @DavidHSteinberg @SeanAstin @MelissaJoanHart episode sixt

  3. Sean Astin to Guest Star in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 @SeanAstin #SeanAstin

  4. .@SeanAstin thanks for giving us a call today, brother! Please hit us up next time you're in Atlanta! #Peachtreet

  5. About to talk to @SeanAstin about #NoGoodNick, out Monday on @Netflix ! #radiolifet

  6. #Theatre lovers! #Art lovers! Please take a look and support an American acting legend, Mr. John Astin. @SeanAstin

  7. Monday! We'll talk with actor @SeanAstin about the MANY projects he's got going, including @bigbangtheory ,

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