Sean Astin
Citizenship:United States
Activity: Actor/Actress, Film Maker

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  1. When you are passionate about other peoples work; amazing things happen @SeanAstin Thank you @SeanAstin and

  2. @candlerlowe @SeanAstin Stop what you're doing and watch Unleashed. It's about a woman who dates her pets (who turn

  3. So incredibly proud of my dear friends @RoneBarton @agrestasaurus @SeanAstin for this successful kickstarter that s

  4. @mswaichingliu81 @YouTube #ILoveMeSomeBunnicula @ChrisKattan @SeanAstin And My Favorite Classic

  5. @SeanAstin s reaction when he hears you havent watched No Good Nick yet.

  6. A key takeaway from @SeanAstin : Wouldnt it be great if your super power was just listening to someone talk without

  7. Last night's episode of @bigbangtheory saw the return of some of our favorite guest stars, @SeanAstin and @kalpenn !

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