Tim DeKay
Citizenship:United States
Activity: Actor/Actress, Film Maker

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  1. Don't forget, @TimDeKay comes back tonight for a hell of an episode of @LuciferonFOX #DeKayoftheDay https://t.co/2wc2tMpL5Wt

  2. Agent Burke always getting his man...#TBT @TimDeKay https://t.co/4OCqy6ifekt

  3. BEST MAN WINS is now in Australia & New Zealand! See @TimDeKay , @fvincentellix & @farwestfree the award winning: https://t.co/cFnnvrbCbWt

  4. So happy that @TimDeKay is joining us for a couple episodes!! #WhiteCollarReunion https://t.co/dEfJceKLVbt

  5. #TBT with my beat up @TimDeKay on the set of #CHUCK #LoveThisGuy ... https://t.co/zUKXo2GEN8t

  6. Will you pass this on, please, @WillieGarson @MattBomer @TimDeKay and @JeffKingTV ? #WhiteCollarFamily #Love https://t.co/31Tb0uyAGPt

  7. .@TimDeKay and @RobertKazinsky goofing off while filming the season finale of #SecondChance! https://t.co/ThXj4GOjxZt

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