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Citizenship:United States
Activity: American Rapper, SongWriter, Singer

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  1. FINALLY gonna go see @wizkhalifa tonight and Im so stokedt

  2. @skatemaloley singing his new song w @wizkhalifa that drops friday + passing weed https://t.co/gGcIvNyHPat

  3. Tag @wizkhalifa , i took this that night in LA. Good times. https://t.co/j64Qg3cGomt

  4. last night was a dream @wizkhalifa @TaylorGang #TheDecentExposureTour https://t.co/AIm51NIb86t

  5. @wizkhalifa concert was sick!! Got upgraded to pit tickets for free too! https://t.co/4gqoRG5mvLt

  6. @wizkhalifa thanks for everything last night bro! Gang For Life! https://t.co/8ADZaYPRNQt

  7. @wizkhalifa Bammer Weed Dope RemakeBe even doper if you gave us a shout out or tagged us in it But Its all https://t.co/wTZt62wUB3t

  8. Still thinking about this tribute to Mac Miller that @wizkhalifa did. Id be lying if I said I didnt cry... https://t.co/aWpCkSNgpUt

  9. My brudder @wizkhalifa w/ me https://t.co/tHBnwBiiNJt

  10. @wizkhalifa @Youngdeji_ Me listening to this right now https://t.co/2sms6TYDgmt

  11. @wizkhalifa @Youngdeji_ Listening like ... https://t.co/60MmweWvxKt

  12. @wizkhalifa Pimpppinnnn https://t.co/4hejTpcPvkt

  13. @wizkhalifa @Youngdeji_ Yea his shit so nice!t

  14. @wizkhalifa I knoow she wanna come with me, cause she can feel it in herr soulll.... DiPSt

  15. The Bash tour 2050Headling @wizkhalifa , @DJBonics featuring Sebastian Khalifa. https://t.co/bQnqM5hyOxt

  16. some pictures i got of @wizkhalifa @TaylorGang shit. loved it bro!! #wizkhalifa https://t.co/Z3o5TyRzZDt

  17. Ready for @wizkhalifa show tonight https://t.co/TvMWuxBfWbt

  18. Put Taylor Allderdice on all streaming platforms right nOW @wizkhalifa https://t.co/qNukKUcJgIt

  19. Always All Love With The Big Bro @wizkhalifa #DecentExposureTour Thanks for everything you did for ya nephew https://t.co/4ag44x59Fit

  20. Dope meeting you again for the 3rd time @wizkhalifa You never disappoint https://t.co/DEkbdFNFkSt

  21. Seeing @wizkhalifa for a second time with family was absolutely amazing! #DecentExposureTour https://t.co/dH1ddPtKh1t

  22. @MajesticEmpire got smoked out last night with @wizkhalifa on deck https://t.co/iuddSnoIxOt

  23. @wizkhalifa that train line yall had going was dopet

  24. Another unforgettable set with @wizkhalifa thanks for coming out to Texas! https://t.co/6PeBWtxOc6t

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