Wiz Khalifa
Citizenship:United States
Activity: American Rapper, SongWriter, Singer

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  1. @wizkhalifa Bro just watched the "Forever Ball video man its just what the Taylors wanted from a 2009 music vide https://t.co/eFlbD5yb3Zt

  2. @wizkhalifa The first 2009 music video "Forever ball will be uploaded shortly! Cant wait cap @CurrenSy_Spitta https://t.co/i0EwTQ0PDJt

  3. @wizkhalifa Security reading this like... https://t.co/MoycqVGWBNt

  4. @wizkhalifa Taylors reaction when they manage to seek the KK past security into the concert https://t.co/mFRZ0rW7sZt

  5. @wizkhalifa TGOD Jet Life for life https://t.co/K7Fg5qyBrvt

  6. @wizkhalifa I cant wait to see Car Service performed live in Houston next month!!t

  7. @wizkhalifa seeing you March 9th in SA and March 12th in SPIt

  8. @wizkhalifa & @CurrenSy_Spitta got me in my room like this every night#2009 https://t.co/mNl3vovj3wt

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