Yoko Ono
Activity: Multimedia artist, Singer, Social Worker/Activist

Yoko Ono Olas

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  1. For our final Big Read of the year, we spoke to icon, @yokoono , about why women in art are finally getting the reco https://t.co/iAoEd8t31Vt

  2. A message of peace from @yokoono and @johnlennon in the heart of Liverpool.Be part of John and Yokos #WARISOVER https://t.co/CnyBuVEuFQt

  3. Today we are displaying @johnlennon & @yokoono 's WAR IS OVER campaign on the streets of Liverpool and all @NML_Muse https://t.co/k6UVpWhfZKt

  4. Workers and shoppers were greeted with a Christmas message this morning from @johnlennon and @yokoono The https://t.co/Dz8TbMpFYIt

  5. For 24 hours @yokoono and @johnlennon s WAR IS OVER peace campaign will be seen on the streets of Liverpool. S https://t.co/fhVGr54o7lt

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