Ola Sami with lady gaga

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Met Gaga

My friends with me, and the icon lady gaga with us

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  1. Were making history on June 24th when @ladygaga takes the stage at the @ApolloTheater . SiriusXM + @pandoramusic : J https://t.co/GezuA6xITqt

  2. Congratulations to @ladygaga on her nomination for Best Performance In A Movie at this years MTV Movie & TV Awards https://t.co/IiE5ECF6JXt

  3. . @MarkRonson intros @theebillyporter s astounding performance of @ladygaga s Shallow at the 6th Annual https://t.co/SxMHvcYOt9t

  4. I feel ultimate gratitude and deeply supported AND LOVED by these women @jadapsmith @MichelleObama @JLo @ladygaga . https://t.co/5lIvVcM374t

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