Ola aaron with Kendall Schmidt

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Clicked this picture with all my friends

Clicked this picture with all my friends, the guy is so gudlooking.

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  1. . @moderatto comparti el escenario con @HeffronDrive en el #AuditorioNacional. https://t.co/nzyrXLr1V7t

  2. This week weve got @HeffronDrive as YOUR Nick Radio Guest DJs!! Catch them all week long with the @iheartradio a https://t.co/TMi5y2d7GSt

  3. @jamesmaslow ICONIC interview with @HeffronDrive I need a duet https://t.co/stpFeMH50gt

  4. Cant believe its almost been one week since @dbeltwrites and Kendall Schmidt of @HeffronDrive were heading to Las https://t.co/s2ucEKRk6Ft

  5. So proud of our Rising Star winners, @dbeltwrites and Kendall Schmidt of @HeffronDrive , for their stellar performan https://t.co/s1bcVl6EYnt

  6. Oh no! @JoJoWright lost the other half of @HeffronDrive #iHeartDayStage @TMobile https://t.co/Fv05j1aeOht

  7. Our @Macys Rising Star Winners, @HeffronDrive kicked off the #iHeartFestival! Pretty good high energy chaps. Wat https://t.co/YHbIPEjwqAt

  8. So proud of our boys @HeffronDrive !Did you love their @Macys #iHeartRadio Rising Star performance? https://t.co/JvUfsjVDaft

  9. We see you @HeffronDrive ! https://t.co/9cP03SAcoOt

  10. AHH! @HeffronDrive just welcomed @Badflower to the #iHeartDayStage https://t.co/9BtzBPhq2St

  11. We loved that @HeffronDrive introduced #Badflower. They killed it last night! #iHeartDayStage https://t.co/dhcyfsI9UOt

  12. Who else could just sit here and stare at @HeffronDrive all day long #iHeartDayStage https://t.co/Ky6eLZzSC9t

  13. Did y'all catch that #iHeartDayStage #BigTimeRush reunion with @jamesmaslow + @HeffronDrive ? @1LoganHenderson + https://t.co/t0Hj5tea52t

  14. Macy's @iHeartRadio Rising Star winners @HeffronDrive reveal who they'd stage dive with at the #iHeartFestival! https://t.co/NAFm2fQXJht

  15. Macy's @iHeartRadio Rising Star winners @HeffronDrive reveal which artist they'd stage dive with! #LasVegas https://t.co/wq2MezEIdht

  16. To celebrate the #iHeartFestival, @HeffronDrive told us who they would stage dive with, who they would collab with https://t.co/2FtkJZxsX8t

  17. Did you miss the @iHeartCountdown with @HeffronDrive & @JoJoWright this weekend?! Check out the recap of the @Macys https://t.co/sVxwLZpGk7t

  18. The 2018 @Macys iHeartRadio Rising Star Winners @HeffronDrive will be on the @iHeartCountdown this weekend with https://t.co/EJtnBp1s64t

  19. Hmm, not sure. Hey @HeffronDrive @dbeltwrites , mind if I join #HeffronDrive? FYI cant sing cant play https://t.co/Wjlj2OSjE2t

  20. .@HeffronDrive are our #KIISNextUp artists of the week! Check out their chat with @ItIsMeEJ about tattoos, new musi https://t.co/fefFo3UXcpt

  21. Soon @HeffronDrive and a team of @buildOn will be traveling to a rural village in Malawi to build a school and you https://t.co/BqXctgmfLVt

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