Ola Robert with Justin Bieber

uploaded by Robert

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Met justin bieber, my idol

My picture with the star, will definitely cherish this picture all my life.

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  1. .@justinbieber has surpassed 18 BILLION views across all official channels on YouTube. He is the most viewed artist https://t.co/szowk2vLT1t

  2. As @justinbieber returns to the #RufflesCelebGame... we throw it back to his MVP performance in 2011! https://t.co/x9OSRwBm3zt

  3. "You give me purpose everyday, you give me purpose in every way" @justinbieber https://t.co/X74DDaPVj1 https://t.co/Pv7TIXfabrt

  4. The official video of #2U ft @justinbieber is OUT NOW ! #musicvideo https://t.co/Ow4Kj8Dij8t

  5. The wait is over: @justinbieber 's #stadiumtour Collection is available online now + in stores next week. https://t.co/Wd4bnKybmxt

  6. In each other's company since Tweet number one.Congratulations @justinbieber on #100MBeliebers https://t.co/ftaTRwFrHPt

  7. When your friend says he's not coming to your party...only to surprise you. justinbieber https://t.co/rdqb99TtJbt

  8. We're not worthy.New @justinbieber x @bloodpop .#FriendsListen now.https://t.co/562LuzY3vtt

  9. It's HERE! @xkarla x Hanes featuring @justinbieber ON SALE tomorrow! https://t.co/nFaKFQUmU6t

  10. .@justinbieber 's Purpose Tour #StadiumCollection launches in store & online today! UK shipping only and worldwide s https://t.co/29J6nB733St

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