Ola Robert with Justin Bieber

uploaded by Robert

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Met justin bieber, my idol

My picture with the star, will definitely cherish this picture all my life.

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  1. This week's top 5 on the Hot R&B Songs chart:1. @justinbieber Yummy (1st week at No. 1)2. @lizzo Good As Hell3. https://t.co/nIuWlBRlmLt

  2. This week's top 5 on the #HotCountrySongs chart:1. @DanAndShay & @justinbieber 10,000 Hours (14th week at No. 1) https://t.co/SPP0lk7AqDt

  3. Records already broken by @justinbieber with his song Yummy: - most US iTunes no. 1s for a male artist (22)- https://t.co/AsJnpb18Z7t

  4. Tag a friend who needs to listen to #Yummy by @justinbieber !! https://t.co/yIxGetsCJP https://t.co/u78PlmBpWKt

  5. .@justinbieber took to social media to shout out a group of kids performing an impressive dance routine to #Yummy https://t.co/9GDJ3xheoat

  6. Yummy is growing @justinbieber https://t.co/bG4Q6CZrY6t

  7. Get a scrumptious new version of @justinbieber 's #Yummy video, only on Today's Top Hits https://t.co/tbbWCEKnfu https://t.co/fGtYEw30aNt

  8. #Bieber2020 Alert The wait is over #Beliebers @justinbieber s Yummy is out now https://t.co/bLcuYAlXMt https://t.co/YhnuxGNkYNt

  9. .@justinbieber 's new track #YUMMY is here. Ask Alexa to play the new Justin Bieber, and tell us what she says... https://t.co/PShzmPeFQ4t

  10. .@justinbieber s new track is #yummy Listen now: https://t.co/e4GInnUHsK https://t.co/xzQTIOY8mIt

  11. He's back @justinbieber . #Yummy.Listen now https://t.co/IEIH727XLW https://t.co/GqDqFm74aEt

  12. #BIEBER2020 has begun.Listen to @justinbieber s new song #Yummy now. https://t.co/9RzWVpLm2G https://t.co/0dYjymTdjZt

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