Ola Robert with Justin Bieber

uploaded by Robert

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Met justin bieber, my idol

My picture with the star, will definitely cherish this picture all my life.

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  1. Monday motivation @DanAndShay + @justinbieber #10kHours https://t.co/lk0CISDyEI https://t.co/xwNzRY98Tut

  2. Matching in #MYCALVINS = Relationship goals @justinbieber and @haileybieber are rocking the new all-over print https://t.co/8WmWcpwkbPt

  3. We'll be spending the next #10kHours listening to this new @DanAndShay x @justinbieber track https://t.co/kJ9Vbzyr1ht

  4. 10,000 HOURS.MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.@justinbieber PRE-SAVE:https://t.co/dymiKX6Wss https://t.co/DpAeOpMrOqt

  5. 10.4.19 | @justinbieber pre-save to listen first:https://t.co/YnPKoY9gc6 https://t.co/iSL4LLg3nGt

  6. Here+Now is here, for good! Co-created with @justinbieber , Here+Now combines spicy citrus, warm florals, and deep w https://t.co/LnRYWHdSN2t

  7. @justinbieber ahhhh congrats on your #vma nomination, justin! vote at https://t.co/CGTLSIBpj8 https://t.co/OE7ohJ84UQt

  8. @justinbieber Hey @justinbieber : Why do bananas stay out of the sun? They peel easily! Help us get to 100K RT and https://t.co/63LLEjT75ft

  9. Yes!!! @justinbieber we made it baby!!! https://t.co/ZP5KvFRawmt

  10. Billie Eilish - bad guy (with @justinbieber ) https://t.co/K6fizx1bzI https://t.co/HRga13TG2kt

  11. Out now #LoveThruTheComputer ft @justinbieber on all platforms https://t.co/iE4BIaqjnIt

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