Ola Robert with Justin Bieber

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Met justin bieber, my idol

My picture with the star, will definitely cherish this picture all my life.

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  1. .@justinbieber is making some #Changes. Listen to his highly-anticipated new album right now on Amazon Music: https://t.co/abckBmJy3Mt

  2. Surprise! We dropped @justinbieber #CarpoolKaraoke early! Not a bad way to kick off #LateLateBieber, eh?https://t.co/DA5dr5kk6Kt

  3. And were live!!! @justinbieber https://t.co/y6uYD34hHA https://t.co/kCljsp53O7t

  4. #LateLateBieber kicks off tonight! @justinbieber @JKCorden https://t.co/HzHj48UgXDt

  5. Get exclusive #CHANGES merch designed by @justinbieber https://t.co/7LmDa18RZV https://t.co/CJQ6AYoyiQt

  6. Myself and @justinbieber get into #changes and beyond covering some deeper subjects in our first real conversation. https://t.co/dbh3KOu6Yft

  7. .@justinbieber performs Intentions with @QuavoStuntin from his new album #Changes https://t.co/cDkqA6jB5k https://t.co/SmqBaDt27xt

  8. Excited to have @justinbieber here all next week for #LateLateBieber! https://t.co/z6aIYUNEn2t

  9. Hey @justinbieber Welcome to the #SpotifyHouseOfChanges Watch more https://t.co/0FZq6hKb89 https://t.co/qskmOuGfeXt

  10. Tomorrow. 10AM PT.@justinbieber x @zanelowe .The #Changes Interview.Listen to a preview now on #NewMusicDaily wit https://t.co/w2RlYH2Sigt

  11. Don't Change(s) the channel TONIGHT! @justinbieber ft. @QuavoStuntin perform "Intentions" on #FallonTonight! https://t.co/xYYXNy2EOgt

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