Ola Nadine with kim kardashian

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Kimye <3

I am a huge fan of Kimye, there is my friend elisa too in this pic.

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  1. Thanks to @KanyeWest and @KimKardashian for buying out theaters in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, D.C., Miami and OKC! W https://t.co/rZ388NY4nAt

  2. You've kept up with @KimKardashian for years, but you've never seen her fight for justice like this. https://t.co/JdbHmpZAGQt

  3. .@KimKardashian wears the Sepia Sunset Eyeshadow Palette, Classic Mattes Blush Palette and Subtle Nude Lip Crayon. https://t.co/q0GoL8Vackt

  4. Watch @KimKardashian West Go to 'War' to Solve Incarceration Problem in @Oxygen 's 'The Justice Project' Trailer (Vi https://t.co/xkEzyPNl4ut

  5. .@KimKardashian s @skims has returned with a lineup of bodysuits made specifically for layering. https://t.co/onVp3dCEsbt

  6. .@KimKardashian is dropping a @Skims Essential Bodysuit Collection, and they're so sleek. https://t.co/0P3TeKB1ZDt

  7. Happy new year to my favorites, the dopest on the ropest @KimKardashian and @kanyewest https://t.co/YNbMzB1VIwt

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