Ola Nadine with kim kardashian

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Kimye <3

I am a huge fan of Kimye, there is my friend elisa too in this pic.

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  1. .@KimKardashian posted a photo of her messy playroom. So did some of my fans. https://t.co/InPUx1mXtCt

  2. Get Ready with @KimKardashian Part 2: Kim uses our best-selling Mascara to define her lashes. To celebrate https://t.co/q8gxA3CoVpt

  3. .@KimKardashian s @skims Naked collection is launching sooner than you think. https://t.co/kKSE9RroHet

  4. @KimKardashian Shes amazing https://t.co/uVFOS67g6Wt

  5. Get @KimKardashian 's warm glam look wearing the Sepia Sunset Eyeshadow Palette, Classic Mattes Blush Palette and Nu https://t.co/v90tvcHkXTt

  6. Thank you so much @KimKardashian @skims ! This is such an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my https://t.co/vDg9PFAh3Rt

  7. OVER THE MOON!!!! Words cant express how grateful I am to not only have @KimKardashian as an idol, but also to hav https://t.co/Nwinj1axT8t

  8. shoutout to @KimKardashian & @skims the most comfortable fabric ever!! im in love https://t.co/Xvt5o4Fs2Jt

  9. The @skims Valentines Day collection! i feel so snatched and beautiful! thank you @KimKardashian https://t.co/bQxOUa6wEAt


  11. Happy Valentine's Day from @KimKardashian & @kkwbeauty ! Kim wears the Sepia Sunset Eyeshadow Palette and Pink 8 C https://t.co/SwseQlnnjUt

  12. Feeling so blessed that @KimKardashian and @skims sent me and other loyal fans the Valentines Day Collection! The https://t.co/nVE4FgoZMet

  13. Whats the plant-based meal @KimKardashian s chef makes for her about once a week?: https://t.co/sW4Scc36Al#pooshtheboundaries #pooshplatet

  14. Re-create @KimKardashian 's glam! Eyes: Matte Smoke Eyeshadow Palette, Face: Concealer shade 6, Crme Contour & High https://t.co/COwHUQlfxnt

  15. .@KimKardashian West will sit down for a discussion on criminal justice reform with #cut50 Co-Founder and Senior Co https://t.co/Qb4wjmdf3Xt

  16. On a night dominated by impressive vintage, @KimKardashian pulled out the ultimate old school runway look: Alexande https://t.co/Ugk4IW7innt

  17. Get @KimKardashian s Vanity Fair Oscar Party look Eyes: Matte Smoke & Cocoa Eyeshadow Palette, Mascara and Black https://t.co/fQ2i5JRc6Ut

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