Ola Nadine with kim kardashian

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Kimye <3

I am a huge fan of Kimye, there is my friend elisa too in this pic.

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  1. .@KimKardashian and @KylieJenner team up for their first ever fragrance collaboration, KYLIE JENNER BY https://t.co/zaKpV4OBz8t

  2. .@KimKardashian wears the new Matte Smoke Eyeshadow Palette, Black and White Eyeliners, 90s Supermodel Matte Lipst https://t.co/lsnrMvx7NBt

  3. .@KimKardashian wears the new Matte Cocoa Eyeshadow Palette, Nude and Black Eyeliners, 90s Chic Matte Lipstick and https://t.co/n8XWn5aXEut

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