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Met Priyanka

This is my family with PC, she readily agreed for a photo.Nice girl.

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  1. #IndiaTVReviews #TheSkyIsPink |@priyankachopra , @FarOutAkhtar are sheer brillianceOur verdict: 4 stars https://t.co/qrFWoe13Ilt

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  5. Fashion , Barfi, Bajirao mastani and now #TheSkyIsPink @priyankachopra all best actress awards coming to you !! https://t.co/uKJ3DREqWet

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  9. @priyankachopra Heres the #PinkSky in Atlanta, GA cant wait to see #TheSkyIsPink in theaters #NoFilter https://t.co/HnYdx3eOmUt

  10. @priyankachopra #TheSkyIsPink in France :) https://t.co/i3VBzljezct

  11. @priyankachopra #TheSkyIsPink https://t.co/MFmBL28RFVt

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  16. Here's our review of #ShonaliBose's #TheSkyIsPink starring @priyankachopra , @FarOutAkhtar , @ZairaWasimmm https://t.co/Vzt67EOtZqt

  17. Film that touches ur heart and soul. Beautiful film with beautiful msg #SkyisPink @priyankachopra @ZairaWasimmm https://t.co/Fwul5zWMc3t

  18. .@priyankachopra is extraordinary in The Sky is Pink. This is a wholesome performance by an artist at the peak of t https://t.co/BmqqGeGdttt

  19. #TheSkyIsPink : @priyankachopra and @FarOutAkhtar deliver a beautiful and heartwarming adaptation of Aisha Chaudhar https://t.co/Bt7V1xF0lRt

  20. @priyankachopra #TheSkyIsPink in Western Australia earlier. Cant wait to watch. #PinkSky https://t.co/wooUNGy4yWt

  21. @priyankachopra #TheSkyIsPink #pinksky in Germany @priyankachopra https://t.co/fIhaVQadlct

  22. @priyankachopra Delhi, where the Heart is at. #PinkSky #TheSkyIsPink https://t.co/tGS7Sz3n2et

  23. RETWEET if you believe Dreams do come true My New Video with @priyankachopra will be out tomorrow at 6pm on my Ch https://t.co/FotW8OiUiLt

  24. So nice to see @priyankachopra on @TheView ! #theskyispink can't wait to see this movie! @FarOutAkhtar @TeamPriyanka https://t.co/2Sp9dDdRSTt

  25. .@priyankachopra Jonas is here LIVE! https://t.co/OWepjapsaWt

  26. The incomparable @priyankachopra takes us #BehindTheTweets to talk about her signature one-liners, married life wit https://t.co/gViiXLFYnxt

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