Ola Caisy with Davido

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My pic with Davido

Love this picture

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  1. Top 5 Spotify most streamed Nigerian song released in 2019:#1 @iam_Davido & @chrisbrown - "blow my mind"#2 https://t.co/wFDD8zOJgOt

  2. Cant lie @iam_Davido s A Good Time album is a classic.t

  3. A good Time by @iam_Davido . Is really one of the best paintings Ive done in life. Ive never been so gassed bout my own work.t

  4. A Good Time The Album by @iam_Davido is an instant classic! Only from the cover art youd know its about to be a https://t.co/jYCVLtljy2t

  5. @iam_Davido @chrisbrown issa legend mhen! He putting in the work for the Baddest right there #blowmymind https://t.co/81Cy2DOr6Dt

  6. The crowd went crazy asf when @iam_Davido jump on that stage, breezy dance tho #IndigoatTour https://t.co/H1NMq7jNzAt

  7. Blow My Mind was released while hms were in the house but they can already sing it Word for word lol. @iam_Davido i https://t.co/wsF7za1Ic5t

  8. Blow My Mind by @iam_Davido and @chrisbrown crosses 10 million streams today (10,050,545 total).#DaVido #ChrisBrown #BlowMyMindt

  9. New music, new album on the way, tourism in Africa...lots to talk to @iam_Davido about. 9pm LDN // 4pm NYC // 1pm L https://t.co/R1F1nzAQtmt

  10. NEWS: @iam_Davido has announced that he will be joining Chris Brown on his Indigoat Tour starting Sept. 14th. He https://t.co/5jqagqaeAbt

  11. So I Scored A Goal Earlier. @iam_Davido With The Assist https://t.co/9y3bktZBXYt

  12. On God is a banger !! @Dremodrizzy you killed it@iam_Davidot

  13. ON GOD @iam_Davido and his crew no dey disappointt

  14. Have you guys listen to @iam_Davido On God ? Super Amazing!!!t

  15. (On God On God On God) Dey your dey, i dey my dey @iam_Davido cool !!!!t

  16. @iam_Davido On God on repeatDremo killed itLit https://t.co/qGfqLo0GCQt

  17. On God No Cap na smash hit @iam_Davido @IamMayorKun @Dremodrizzy #OnGodt

  18. n mlk osh ere ON GOD alaglo ln sinwn @iam_Davido @IamMayorKun @Dremodrizzy kuku kill me,t

  19. On God By @iam_Davido @IamMayorKun and @Dremodrizzy is a vibe. Been Listening To It Since.t

  20. I must to get this money yee.... On God Issa theying something On repeat on God @iam_Davido @Dremodrizzy https://t.co/4IUyMA2OpYt

  21. @iam_Davido Dey ur dey I Dey my dey Do ur own I do my own Dremo part tho https://t.co/dekzMQpMNUt

  22. I Turn International these Kids be taking it Personal #OnGod . @iam_Davido @IamMayorKun t

  23. No cap this song is mad @iam_Davido @IamMayorKun @Dremodrizzy DMW is the best man on God https://t.co/uoXWJimmQ3t

  24. I turn international ON GOD this kids be taking it presonal NO @iam_Davidot

  25. I cant coman kie myself bad energy fall on them God bless DMW @iam_Davido @IamMayorKun @Dremodrizzy https://t.co/24oMExRHNut

  26. Blow my mind is honestly one of the best Naij American collabs I swear @chrisbrown @iam_Davido ... & its not get https://t.co/Qwpc1E9AMmt

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