Ola Caisy with Davido

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My pic with Davido

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  1. One Ticket by @iamkissdaniel and @iam_Davido is more than a jam. It is for the soul, body and mind.t

  2. Fav song atmOne ticket - @iamkissdaniel x @iam_Davidot

  3. One ticket by @iam_Davido And @iamkissdaniel baddest combo ever no disappointment with these niggast

  4. This @iam_Davido and @iamkissdaniel collaboration "ONE TICKET" Love the song so much. It's gonna be my favourite f https://t.co/neeU3zDbXYt

  5. #CoolNigeriaTop10 WITH @N6OFLIFE x @KelechiUniverse >> AT NO. 1 >> ONE TICKET BY @iamkissdaniel FT @iam_Davido >> https://t.co/K8ehdpPm3it

  6. One Ticket best song of the year.Always on repeat@iamkissdaniel @iam_Davidot

  7. This #OneTicket jam is everything... Stuck on replay. @iam_Davido & @iamkissdanielt

  8. #MorningRush #NigerianTop10 @MariaOkan No.1: "One Ticket" ft @iam_Davido - @iamkissdanielt

  9. Love diz muzik like kilode @iam_Davido @iamkissdaniel https://t.co/Un3DMBQvzht

  10. Np- One Ticket - @iamkissdaniel ft @iam_Davido #LiquidLoungeWithOsit

  11. One ticket just gave a lot of other songs one ticket outta here. Mad jam. @iam_Davido @iamkissdanielt

  12. @iam_Davido wetin una take cook dis song y e sweet like dis https://t.co/WDRdjFa5Wvt

  13. Loving dis jam one ticket @iamkissdaniel x @iam_Davido God bless you both https://t.co/7tuq1GOgJct

  14. "One ticket" a jam of life! May God keep you alive for long so you can be giving us more! @iam_Davido @iamkissdanielt

  15. One ticket @iam_Davido and @iamkissdaniel bursting braint

  16. @iam_Davido x @imkissdaniel Maddest jam my morning medicine https://t.co/10FTOAxhIst

  17. One Ticket is an extra ordinary jam by @iamkissdaniel ft @iam_Davido many more success Kingst

  18. See baby if want to leave oo Biko LEAVE @iam_Davido @iamkissdanielt

  19. See baby, if you want to leave Biko leave, no do Shakara no Dey carry your shoulder o- One ticket@iamkissdaniel ft @iam_Davidot

  20. One ticket by @iamkissdaniel ft @iam_Davido is a jam with class That song has great content God keep you legends alivet

  21. Since lastninght one ticket just dey carry me go!!Best collabo 2k18.. @iamkissdaniel @iam_Davido u guys keep giving https://t.co/9Te5Fudjy5t

  22. @iamkissdaniel ft @iam_Davido one ticket is everything.... thank you guyst

  23. One ticket is a dope jam . Thank you @iam_Davido & @iamkissdanielt

  24. Best collabo @iamkissdaniel @iam_Davido one tickett

  25. Another classic song from 2 kings @iamkissdaniel @iam_Davido .make God continue to keep Una for us abeg..t

  26. @iam_Davido @iamkissdaniel #oneticket on a play mood since last nightt

  27. @iamkissdaniel ft @iam_Davido One ticket sound awesome.t

  28. @iamkissdaniel and @iam_Davido gave me "One ticket" to their next show. After all day "repeat" since yesterday, the https://t.co/PhGgE2kkHOt

  29. You can count on my BILLIE, all my daddies TRILLIONS @iam_Davido Killed it!! 4U (Audio) link https://t.co/PpMdzgwwuJt

  30. New Music: @KuamiEugene x @iam_Davido (Meji Meji) Pro By Fresh Vdm https://t.co/IvzmXpBcHVt

  31. Baby eh, is to love you babyBre gbem gbem gbem, e bem bem bem bem bemShekpe !! @iam_Davido @Peruzzi_VIBES orin https://t.co/O7yjTuGpHpt

  32. NP - Your Dj - @DJSPINATIK @iam_Davido - #DTS With @GbemiOO https://t.co/5nA4RDb9DOt

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