Ola Paula with Russell Brand

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Russell brand

Russell Brand leaves BBC Radio 1 making time to pose for picture .

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  1. We're all ears, @jameelajamil and @rustyrockets ! A new episode of #UnderTheSkin hits #Luminary tomorrow. https://t.co/pQCBq8XnXZt

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  9. Our thanks to @rustyrockets ! Join us June 9th: https://t.co/20NdMICkoT https://t.co/Vuo52B4P89t

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  11. The latest wisdom from the Sexy Buddha. Needed this right now. I think we can all relate... Thanks @rustyrockets https://t.co/o5tfNMJxzwt

  12. @rustyrockets continues to be a mentor for people suffering with #mentalhealth issues. Russell, your openness is a https://t.co/22VCZF3v9Ot

  13. A light bulb went off for me Karmic debt! That you @rustyrockets for this beautiful message. I appreciate all th https://t.co/82a7uqxrwdt

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