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Sachin with my sister and myself at Tendulkars.

Sachin Tendulkar had a restaurant in Mumbai during the early 2000s. I had gone there 1 afternoon with a client for lunch. They made me fill a customer satisfaction form. I mentioned over there that when next Sachin is going to be at the restaurant, buzz me and will come with my family. There was a nice souvenir shop at the restaurant and bought the Tendulkar baseball tshirt my sister is wearing above. After few weeks, they called me and said Sachin coming today. I planned a visit to the restaurant without letting my sister and parents know, whom they are going to be seeing today and meet. Took them to the restuarant saying lets eat before going for the movie at Regal (restaurant was next to Regal cinema in Mumbai). the joy and excitement on my parents and sister faces to see, meet God of Cricket was priceless and still remains one of the best surprise I have given them.

Location: Tendulkars, Colaba

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