What is Celebola.com?

by CelebOla

CelebOla is a fun way to share with the world your moments with a celebrity. Share your Celeb Moment with us.

Your one-stop destination to find your favorite Celebs with their fans from all across the world. Also you can join us and add your best moment with the Celeb at CelebOla.com.

Uploading pictures on CelebOla is quite simple, Sign up/sign in into your account just like your email account.
Toward the top of the page you will find UPLOAD option, which will take you to Upload post page.
Select the Photos you would like to upload with the Celebrity directly from your computer, camera, or memory card (in case you don’t find the celebrity you could add it in our database).
Select the category to which the celebrity belongs along with the country the celebrity belongs to.
Write any title you wish to & description, you can also add more info & submit the Post.
You could always crop the image as you want it.
Finally you are ready to share your pic with the world. 

Check your Favorite Stars for Free & Dont Forget to Share your 'The CelebOla' Moment with us.

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